My Revised Stamp Room! Video and links!

I know you probably heard me talk about changing my room on some of my videos. This started back in January of 2022. I really wanted cabinets! My husband and I decided it was time to start.

I did so much research, wrote down measurements of everything. I actually made an amateur blueprint! The biggest thing for me was to get more work space. Before, I was using both my desks when I was making something. It included the desk I made my videos on. So when I needed to make a video, I had to clean up the desk.

I might put in upper cabinets, but for now I’m just going to see how this all works.

You can see these pictures, and pictures of my former rooms all the time- there’s a link on the side (from a computer) or on the bottom (from a phone) called “my stamp room”.

Here’s a video of my room:



That’s a happy me in my new room!


This is the desk I used to create on, now I use it for videos and pictures.

My table lamps:

Table Lamps

Here’s the ladder with colorful stuff on it!


How I store my ribbon. Here’s what I use:

Ribbon Storage from Stamp N Storage

How I store my ink. Here’s what I use:

Ink Storage from Stamp N Storage


How I store my markers.  On the right side, I have 4 cases that hold my Write Markers, Aqua Painters, Watercolor Pencils. If you buy the full set of Write Markers:

they come with one of those cases.

For the Blends, I use this:

Blends Storage from Stamp N Storage


How I display my cards that are for sale. I use this:

Card Display from Stamp N Storage

Card Dividers by Stamp N Storage

How I store paper, dies and embossing folders. Here’s what the shelf unit is:

Ikea KALLAX Shelf Unit

How I store my cardstock. In between each color, I have a divider that is labeled with the color name. Here’s what I use:

Paper Divider by Stamp N Storage

This was one of my best ideas of all time. I used to store my scraps in folders by family (brights, subtles, etc.) I realized it would be much easier if each color had it’s own folder/pocket. Here’s what I use (I use the 8.5×11 portrait size for the scraps) :

Paper Storage Pockets by Stamp N Storage

How I store my dies and 12×12 DSP. This changed for the good, too. My dies are so much easier to see and manage.

Paper Stored In (12×12 size):

Paper Storage Pockets

Dies- I use the 5×7 and 6×7 magnet size. For the crate, I use the medium size with no cover:

Magnet Cards

Storage Pockets

Crates by Stamp N Storage

Crate Dividers

How I store the 6×6 paper. I also have paper sleeves in the holder to hold the scraps:

6×6 Paper Holder by Stamp N Storage

Paper Sleeve

The other side that has more dies, and Specialty Paper.

Paper Stored In (12×12 size and 8.5×11):

Paper Storage Pockets

Dies- I use the 5×7 and 6×7 magnet size. For the crate, I use the medium size with no cover:

Magnet Cards

Storage Pockets

Crates by Stamp N Storage

Crate Dividers

I use those boxes for my classes. The long basket holds envelopes. I got the basket from Pottery Barn Kids many years ago. Those long baskets are meant for diapers!

Here’s the boxes I use for my classes:

8.5×11 Storage Cases

Another long basket for Embossing Folders.

I saw this Scalloped Pin Board on Pottery Barn Kids. Even though my kids are not kids, I still go on PBK once in a while. Some of the things at Pottery Barn Kids are not just for kids!

I have mostly personal stuff on it- pictures of my family, things my boys made for me. And, yes, a note my husband left me when he went to work one day. 🙂

Pottery Barn Kids Scalloped Pinboard

How I store my punches.  Here’s what I use:

Punch Storage by Stamp N Storage

My new cabinets! I love this part of my room so much! My husband installed the cabinets back in March, and my quartz countertop was installed professionally just a few days ago.

The hanging display I use to display my cards is this:

Hanging Picture Display

My Lamp:

Table Lamp

How I store my stamps. I like to see all of them. Sometimes you need a certain size stamp and I can look through all of them and find one that works! Here’s what I use:

Slimline Stamp Case by Stamp N Storage

This is where I make all my cards!

I got this from Crate &  Kids. I can store so much in here and it holds the things I use the most!


Crate & Kids Multi Room Organizer

This is my top left drawer. I store all my reinkers and other bottled stuff. I also store my baker’s ribbon, embellishments. Here’s what I use:

Grid Storage System by Stamp N Storage

Targets Storage Bins

My middle drawer on the left side. All my die cut machine stuff. I store the plates in a letter sorter.

My bottom drawer on the left. I store a laminating machine, a light box and a scale in this one.

Top right drawer. I store my blocks, adhesives in this one. Here’s the bin I use for the blocks:

Plastic Storage 6×15

Middle drawer on the right side. I store lots of stuff in this one:

Embossing Powders

Blending Brushes

Gilded Leafing

Mineral Spirits

Embossing Paste



How I store my embossing powder. I use this for each color (in the 9oz size):

Food Keeper

And this to store them in:

Plastic Flower Vase

This is how I store my Blending Brushes and spritzers- I like to have them standing up:

Glasses to Store Brushes


Bottom drawer on the right. This is extra adhesive and other things.

Middle drawer. I have the cleaning scrub, the scorer, the trimmer, and lots of silicone craft sheets and some post-it stuff.

On the right- I store grid paper and bags here.

On the left, where I store my Brother Scan n Cut.

In the middle, where I store old and new catalogs, sewing stuff, retired stamps and dies I don’t want to lose, the Stamparatus, and Basic White, Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake and Heavy White paper.