My Revised Stamp Room! Video and links!

I know you probably heard me talk about changing my room on some of my videos. This started back in January of 2022. I really wanted cabinets! My husband and I decided it was time to start.

I did so much research, wrote down measurements of everything. I actually made an amateur blueprint! The biggest thing for me was to get more work space. Before, I was using both my desks when I was making something. It included the desk I made my videos on. So when I needed to make a video, I had to clean up the desk.

I might put in upper cabinets, but for now I’m just going to see how this all works.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Edited to add- one of the most common questions- what color is my room? Rainwash by Sherwin-Williams!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You can see these pictures, and pictures of my former rooms all the time- there’s a link on the side (from a computer) or on the bottom (from a phone) called “my stamp room”.

Here’s a video of my room:



That’s a happy me in my new room!


This is the desk I used to create on, now I use it for videos and pictures.

My table lamps:

Table Lamps

Here’s the ladder with colorful stuff on it!


How I store my ribbon. Here’s what I use:

Ribbon Storage from Stamp N Storage

How I store my ink. Here’s what I use:

Ink Storage from Stamp N Storage


How I store my markers.  On the right side, I have 4 cases that hold my Write Markers, Aqua Painters, Watercolor Pencils. If you buy the full set of Write Markers:

they come with one of those cases.

For the Blends, I use this:

Blends Storage from Stamp N Storage


How I display my cards that are for sale. I use this:

Card Display from Stamp N Storage

Card Dividers by Stamp N Storage

How I store paper, dies and embossing folders. Here’s what the shelf unit is:

Ikea KALLAX Shelf Unit

How I store my cardstock. In between each color, I have a divider that is labeled with the color name. Here’s what I use:

Paper Divider by Stamp N Storage

This was one of my best ideas of all time. I used to store my scraps in folders by family (brights, subtles, etc.) I realized it would be much easier if each color had it’s own folder/pocket. Here’s what I use (I use the 8.5×11 portrait size for the scraps) :

Paper Storage Pockets by Stamp N Storage

How I store my dies and 12×12 DSP. This changed for the good, too. My dies are so much easier to see and manage.

Paper Stored In (12×12 size):

Paper Storage Pockets

Dies- I use the 5×7 and 6×7 magnet size. For the crate, I use the medium size with no cover:

Magnet Cards

Storage Pockets

Crates by Stamp N Storage

Crate Dividers

How I store the 6×6 paper. I also have paper sleeves in the holder to hold the scraps:

6×6 Paper Holder by Stamp N Storage

Paper Sleeve

The other side that has more dies, and Specialty Paper.

Paper Stored In (12×12 size and 8.5×11):

Paper Storage Pockets

Dies- I use the 5×7 and 6×7 magnet size. For the crate, I use the medium size with no cover:

Magnet Cards

Storage Pockets

Crates by Stamp N Storage

Crate Dividers

I use those boxes for my classes. The long basket holds envelopes. I got the basket from Pottery Barn Kids many years ago. Those long baskets are meant for diapers!

Here’s the boxes I use for my classes:

8.5×11 Storage Cases

Another long basket for Embossing Folders.

I saw this Scalloped Pin Board on Pottery Barn Kids. Even though my kids are not kids, I still go on PBK once in a while. Some of the things at Pottery Barn Kids are not just for kids!

I have mostly personal stuff on it- pictures of my family, things my boys made for me. And, yes, a note my husband left me when he went to work one day. 🙂

Pottery Barn Kids Scalloped Pinboard

How I store my punches.  Here’s what I use:

Punch Storage by Stamp N Storage

My new cabinets! I love this part of my room so much! My husband installed the cabinets back in March, and my quartz countertop was installed professionally just a few days ago.

The hanging display I use to display my cards is this:

Hanging Picture Display

My Lamp:

Table Lamp

How I store my stamps. I like to see all of them. Sometimes you need a certain size stamp and I can look through all of them and find one that works! Here’s what I use:

Slimline Stamp Case by Stamp N Storage

This is where I make all my cards!

I got this from Crate &  Kids. I can store so much in here and it holds the things I use the most!


Crate & Kids Multi Room Organizer

This is my top left drawer. I store all my reinkers and other bottled stuff. I also store my baker’s ribbon, embellishments. Here’s what I use:

Grid Storage System by Stamp N Storage

Targets Storage Bins

My middle drawer on the left side. All my die cut machine stuff. I store the plates in a letter sorter.

My bottom drawer on the left. I store a laminating machine, a light box and a scale in this one.

Top right drawer. I store my blocks, adhesives in this one. Here’s the bin I use for the blocks:

Plastic Storage 6×15

Middle drawer on the right side. I store lots of stuff in this one:

Embossing Powders

Blending Brushes

Gilded Leafing

Mineral Spirits

Embossing Paste



How I store my embossing powder. I use this for each color (in the 9oz size):

Food Keeper

And this to store them in:

Plastic Flower Vase

This is how I store my Blending Brushes and spritzers- I like to have them standing up:

Glasses to Store Brushes


Bottom drawer on the right. This is extra adhesive and other things.

Middle drawer. I have the cleaning scrub, the scorer, the trimmer, and lots of silicone craft sheets and some post-it stuff.

On the right- I store grid paper and bags here.

On the left, where I store my Brother Scan n Cut.

In the middle, where I store old and new catalogs, sewing stuff, retired stamps and dies I don’t want to lose, the Stamparatus, and Basic White, Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake and Heavy White paper.