A New Way to See When I Post Something!

OK! I just sent a bunch of you an invite to join my Remind group. It’s really me! Some of you may know about my terrible hack on Facebook, Instagram, and a few others a few weeks ago. Fortunately, I was not hacked again!

I started using Remind a few years ago- all my kids’ teachers/coaches use it. Employers use it too. I decided to set up my own.

I will put an announcement any time I post on this site. Pictures, videos, upcoming classes, instructions, current sales, upcoming garage sales, etc.

You don’t have to have the Remind app- it can just be texts. Every one will have a link to this site. But you need to join it to get the texts or notifications when I post something!

If you didn’t get an invite, follow the picture above to join the group! Again, you don’t have to have the app- everything can just be a text. This is easier for me then trying to text a bunch of people!


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