Mountains and Clouds (made with Embossing Paste!) VIDEO!

I went to Pine Mountain, GA a couple of weeks ago. My two youngest sons were there with their cross country team. Running in Georgia is a lot different than running in flat Florida! I’m not really a runner, but more of a walk/run kind of person. 4 miles in Florida takes me about 52 minutes. 4 miles in Pine Mountain? Took me almost two hours!

I had lots of pictures of our trip and my husband said to me during the trip, “do you have stamps that are mountains or trees?” Well, yes sir, of course I do! I looked at one of the pictures and thought- I want to make a card like that!

Here’s my picture from Pine Mountain:


I wanted to make the clouds in the sky and I thought of the Embossing Paste! I love that stuff. I’ve made lots of things with it, but this is my first video using it.

Here’s the video!



Here’s everything I used:


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