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Stamp-n-Storage is having a new sale starting tomorrow. It ends on Wednesday the 24th! You can click on this picture, or click on the links below!


This sale only works through these links!!



Here’s what I have in my room:

How I store my ribbon. Here’s what I use:

Ribbon Storage from Stamp N Storage

How I store my ink. Here’s what I use:

Ink Storage from Stamp N Storage

For the Blends, I use this:

Blends Storage from Stamp N Storage

How I display my cards that are for sale. I use this:

Card Display from Stamp N Storage

Card Dividers by Stamp N Storage


How I store my cardstock. In between each color, I have a divider that is labeled with the color name. Here’s what I use:

Paper Divider by Stamp N Storage

This was one of my best ideas of all time. I used to store my scraps in folders by family (brights, subtles, etc.) I realized it would be much easier if each color had it’s own folder/pocket. Here’s what I use (I use the 8.5×11 portrait size for the scraps) :

Paper Storage Pockets by Stamp N Storage


How I store my dies and 12×12 DSP. This changed for the good, too. My dies are so much easier to see and manage.

Paper Stored In (mostly 12×12 size, also use the 8.5×11 size):

Paper Storage Pockets

Dies- I use the 5×7 and 6×7 magnet size. For the crate, I use the medium size with no cover:

Magnet Cards

Storage Pockets

Crates by Stamp N Storage

Crate Dividers

How I store the 6×6 paper. I also have paper sleeves in the holder to hold the scraps:

6×6 Paper Holder by Stamp N Storage

Paper Sleeve

How I store my punches.  Here’s what I use:

Punch Storage by Stamp N Storage

How I store my stamps. I like to see all of them. Sometimes you need a certain size stamp and I can look through all of them and find one that works! Here’s what I use:

Slimline Stamp Case by Stamp N Storage

This is my top left drawer. I store all my reinkers and other bottled stuff. Here’s what I use:

Grid Storage System by Stamp N Storage

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